Andrea is a PhD candidate in law working on the history of international investment law in a jointly-awarded degree program between the Melbourne University and the Vienna University. She is currently a visiting researcher at Institute of Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School where she will finish her dissertation. She is particularly interested in the historical formation of legal norms, modes of dispute settlement, and the internationalisation of authority.

Beside her dissertation she researches and consults in law and blockchain technology, with a focus on dispute resolution, the automation of decision making, and algorithmic governance.

Since January 2016 she is the recipient of a Doc-Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences awarded on a competitive basis enabling outstanding dissertation proposals. Before embarking on the PhD journey she worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Section for International Law and International Relations at the Vienna University Law School. She holds a Magister degree in Law with a focus on International Law, as well as Magister degree in Development Studies both from the University of Vienna. In addition, Andrea was teaching fellow at Melbourne University Law School and a Junior Research Fellow at Ormond College where she taught various courses in legal theory and in sustainable development.

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