‘Communication and Technology Regulation’ in Vec, M./Starski P. ‘Western International Law 1776-1870’ in Lesaffer R. ‘The Cambridge History of International Law’ (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming) – together with Jake Goldenfein – commissioned

‘Of Politics and Law – The Lena Goldfields Arbitration 1930’ in Orford et. al. (eds) Revolutions in International Law (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019) – accepted

‘Review Essay’ of Anthea Roberts ‘Is International Law International’ 19 (1) Melbourne Journal of International Law (2018)

‘Legal Engineering on the Blockchain – Smart Contracts as Lawful Conduct’ – Politics of Blockchain Supplement, 29(2) Law & Critique (2018) – together with Jake Goldenfein

‘The Silent Impact of the 1917 Revolutions on International Investment Law – and what it tells us about reforming the system’ 6(10) ESIL Reflection (2017)

Versions of these publications can be found here.

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