Teaching Fellow

I was awarded a competitive teaching fellowship by the University of Melbourne for the spring terms of 2017 and 2018. As Fellow I was in charge of two tutorials of 25 students in Associate Professor Peter Rush’s class Legal Language. The class was built around a close reading of excerpts from Australian judgments on the fundamental building blocks of the Australian legal system. The role included administration, lecturing, interactive classroom activities, as well as marking of essays and individual mentoring.


As tutor at the Ormond College – University of Melbourne my responsibility was to mentor small groups of students of 5-12 in a university course for weekly 60-minute sessions. I had no marking or other evaluative responsibilities, but conducted interactive classes based on the lectures and readings of the course. Throughout 18 months from February 2017 until June 2018 I tutored in the following subjects: Sustainable DevelopmentPhilosophy Politics and EconomicsLegal TheoryEnvironmental Rights and ResponsibilitiesLaw, Justice and Social ChangeThe Developing World


At the IMC University of Applied Sciences, I was tasked with developing and implementing a syllabus for the class Strategies of Sustainable Development in the degree program Export-oriented Management. The class was designed chronologically following the intellectual and institutional history of ideas from 1949 onwards. I taught this class in the spring term of 2014 and 2015.

At the University of Vienna, I developed and taught the class Practical exercises in Public International Law in the fall term of 2014. The class was designed around weekly in-depth analyses of semi-fictitious cases in the field of public international law developing some of the key concepts of the discipline.

In the spring term of 2015 I co-designed and taught a class of 25 students in the format of a Mini-Moot Court based on a fictitious ICJ case involving transboundary water regimes, pollution, self-determination of indigenous peoples, and human rights violations for the Vienna Master of Human Rights. Over the course of the semester the class worked in small supervised teams to develop written statements as well as an oral argument for both states.


In the academic year 2013/2014 I was the co-coach for the University of Vienna team to the Jessup Moot Court Competition in International Law. Throughout the year I worked closely with a group of four students on both their written analytic legal skills, as well as on their oral presentation skills. As a great reward we were ranked 8th in the overall results and performed as best European team.

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